Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Day in May at UCLA

Went on a mission last Thursday with some friends... you might have seen them once or twice before. Enjoy!

We started the sesh off at the metal coping ledge and got kicked out pretty quick.

Skated around the corner and found a stair set that isn't skated very often...
Tislam ollied it once and the long brick 8 stair destruction began.

Tislam Smith- Back 180

J Cefai- Kickflip

Tislam- Backside Flip

Colin Cook- Nollie Flip into the bank

The double bike rack gap was starting to get warmed up...

Huck- Switch Heel

Alec Beck - Frontside 360 ollie

Stepped it up to a third bike rack...!

J Cefai- Backside Flip

Decided to merge some photos here so you can see how long the gap is... kinda rad

J Cefai- Switch Back 180

Tislam- Backside bigspin

Tislam- Nollie backside bigspin

....and that's a wrap my fellow internet web surfing skate crazed maniacs...

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