Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pali Ditch and Lincoln Mini

Well ladies and gentlemen - we are back on the program here at Broahtography.com
I am officially out of school... graduated college and have knocked the dust off the old Nikon. Let's get ready for some snappers!

Always a pleasure skating with ZJ Boarding House's original team rider: Evan Edwards
Here is a new ditch spot that Austin tipped us off to...thanks buddy!

Evan- Bluntslide to fakie

This whole session took place today at the Lincoln mini-ramp... a good 825 crew showed up (including newest roommate Eric Viccarone) along with appeareances from neighbor Jay and Jake Eames...

Eric Viccarone- Back Disaster on the big extension

Jason Rogers- Nosegrab backside air

Jason Rogers- Frontside indy transfer

Sean McNulty- Nosegrind pop-in

McNulty- Gap to Backtail

....and now for the banger...

McNulty- Gap to back smith

You better believe that I will be posting on a more consistent basis considering this was my first day back and we already have a crispy post...keep it mellow- stay tuned!

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