Thursday, November 13, 2008

Broahtog in Beijing, China

Ni Hao! As some of you may know- I am on a little vacation in China visiting my girlfriend who is studying here for the semester.
Of course I brought my skateboard and mini-digi cam -
It is about time for a new post, so let's get crackin!

First day in Beijing, had to do some touristy stuff - this is a stone carving inside of the Forbidden City (now called the Imperial Palace) ...I had to stitch two photos together to see the whole thing in detail...

This stair set/ bank thing is inside of the school campus where Catie is studying - I skated it for about an hour trying a bunch of tricks into the middle bank - Kickflip, Shuvit, Front 180, and finally fired off a proper 360 flip ...maybe Catie will film it later..

This was the first skateboard in Beijing that I saw, besides my own - I found it in the sporting goods section of the WuMart (their version of WalMart)...It was priced at 238 RMB (which is about $35 US)...

I had no idea this spot was in Beijing until I arrived and searched YouTube for Beijing stoked!

I met a guy named Eli who works at one of the only skate/snow shops in Beijing called "Icon X"
This is his mini-ramp, and it is pretty epic...

This is what the inside of his shop looks like...

Check out the YouTube video I posted!

That's all I have so far ya'll - I may have one more post before I leave, but until the next post- Zai-Jian! (See you later!)

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