Friday, August 22, 2008

Diapers for Dan Skate Jam

Hello out there to all of my anxious and loyal fans....

I am posting from "the Windy City" aka Chicago. I am on a vacation with my family in the midwest and about to say goodbye to my girlfriend, who will be studying abroad in China for 4 months...ouch! Anyways- maybe that mean I will have more time to post more photos and sequences...that would be sweet. Here is all the coverage from Dan's Diaper Jam Skate contest which took place about a week ago. Each participant was required to bring a package of diapers for Dan's baby boy who is due in about 7 weeks....swiizzzeeet!!! ENJOY!

Savanna and Lizzy J watch Bernie open her gifts

Bernie testing out Dan's...I mean the baby's new xylophone

Baby Pitbull gets an honorable mention- He threw down a nice variety of tricks including a "chainsaw" (casper heelflip) in the final round of the competition
Mike Limb- backside flip the sand gap

Mike Limb- varial heel the sand gap

Alec Beck was also in the finals, he would have probably taken the contest with this trick...
Alec Beck- 540 flip to board snap

ZJ Boarding House's newest team member, Tislam Smith took the whole contest with his sand gapping skills, check it out...
Tislam- Backside 360 the sand gap

This is the video of his winning run....

Thanks for checking out another episode of - see ya next time!

P.S.- Check out the "new" ZJ Boarding House Skate Team Webpage- it has only taken 5 years for them to get it together but it finally happened...CLICK HERE--->


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