Monday, June 2, 2008


Holy Shit - This is definitely the best theme for a post ever!

This week on the TOG have 3 different warehouses featured.
And for the first time ever...I have created a YouTube video...

Here is some of the footage that came from Volcom Skate Night-- you may remember seeing some of the sequences back in April...anyways, check it out- music: 825 OPB, Roaches

click here!

Hopefully that worked out nicely for you.

Here are some photos from another warehouse in an undisclosed location...

Evan- Crooks on the old bump to file cabinet


Evan- Kickflip backlip the new bump to file cabinet

This is the only outdoor trick in the post, but it is outside of a warehouse, so it still counts....

The last warehouse is actually the Hurley skatepark, which is connected to their warehouse... nice.

Alec Beck- Front blunt

Austin's friend, Sean- Smith Kick flip out

and like Porky the pig said "th-th-the-th-thats all folks!!"

See you next time...with the 49th post on a great day!

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