Thursday, March 27, 2008

March Mustache Madness!

So Mustache March is coming to an end...I can finally get rid of the squirrel tail on my face. Here are some sequences that were shot in the last few days-

So this was last week, Thursday. I got out of school and called Little Evan and asked where he was skating. Met up with him and Florin at SaMo High and Tyler was there too.

Tyler Kindred- Kickflip Front Board

...On Easter Sunday about 15 of us rolled out from the 825 House to go skate the ledges at West LA College. The spot was a bust in a matter of minutes, so we went to the nearby Ralph's and set up this contraption.

Alec Beck- Back 50-50

The Guff Man- Front 5-0

...So yesterday...went skating with Furbz and The Guff all day, then came back to the beach to shoot Guff's new trick. He fucked up his ankle- so I had to get a trick.

Broah- 50-50 to Lipslide

...Skated back to the shop afterwards and DTM was getting off work, he wanted to skate real bad...we went to check out this school that is a few blocks away from our crib.
Found some Epic Ledges!

DTM- Back Smith

Broah- Fakie Nosegrind

That's it for now...another post will be up soon- Hope you have enjoyed!

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Anonymous said...

layered pic of dan at top of the page is SICK, noah!! miss you guys- laura