Saturday, March 22, 2008

DTM is crooked, Evan smith's, and Guff gets Blunted

Hey there my fellow fans...I have been completely blowing it lately and I sincerely apologize. School has been rough, but I am off now for a while and am ready to get legit once again.

I don't know if you have heard about it yet or not, but I have started a small t-shirt line called "Skater Dyed". In the next month I will be working on tie-dying a bunch of shirts ad working on getting a website up (

I will have more info posted as soon as it is available...DTM is down for the cause.

Crooks with Kaya

Evan took me to this secret warehouse a few months ago to shred...
Smith Front Bigspin Out

Another variation on the smith grind. Gap in pop out to the bank.

"Dude, what if you grind one bar and pop into a smith..."

Pretty epic brother.

The Guff has made the sand gaps his new everyday spot. Don't get skurd when you see this large colored man on the beach, he's just working on his slashing and grinding.

And of course....just to prove to all ya'll that I am still skating, here's some Broah

Back 5-0 at the Jefferson bank to 3-stair grinder (This spot is done now. Bummer...)

The sand gaps are more fun when you add some extra obstacles...

That's all for now my friends...hope to see you back soon

I promise I will be updating more frequently- No more months without at least one post


Taylor Fitz-Gibbon said...

Hell yeah Broah! Evan is fucking killing it.

Bobby Brazen said...

Chyea Broah!