Thursday, July 16, 2015

Street League 2015: Decenzo and Torey

Ryan Decenzo and Torey Pudwill are two of my favorite guys on the course and both happen to ride for Red Bull. Some of the hardest tricks of the weekend were performed by these guys and a few they only landed in practice. Check it.

 photo Decenz360.gif
Ryan Decenzo - Switch Front 360

 photo DecenzoFSFlip.gif
Ryan Decenzo - Frontside Flip Up and Over

 photo DecenzoTreFlipNoseslide.gif
Ryan Decenzo - Tre Flip Noseslide

 photo DecenzoFSFlipNoseblunt.gif
Ryan Decenzo - Kickflip Noseblunt

 photo ToreyKFCrooks.gif
Torey Pudwill - Kickflip Crook

 photo ToreyBS360Kickflip.gif
Torey Pudwill - BS 360 Kickflip

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