Thursday, July 16, 2015

Street League 2015: Nyjah and Luan

After 6 straight Street League wins Nyjah Huston was finally dethroned by the Brazilan golden child, Luan Oliviera.
There was a bit of controversy over the consistency of the judging and the social media world was very vocal about it.
No matter what, it is hard to argue that Luan "didn't deserve" the 1st Place trophy. He skated his heart out and pulled the winning trick under an incredible amount of pressure. Congrats Luan on your first SLS win!

 photo NyjahFakieFlip.gif
Nyjah Huston - Fakie Flip

 photo NyjahFullCabFlip.gif
Nyjah Huston - Full Cab Flip

 photo LuanNollieBSFlip.gif
Luan Oliviera - Nollie Backside Flip

 photo LuanSwFsFlip.gif
Luan Oliviera - Switch Frontside Flip

 photo LuanSwBigHeel_1.gif
Luan Oliviera - Switch FS Bigspin Heelflip

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