Monday, July 28, 2014

Street League 2014 at USC Galen Center

After the Active and Val Surf team went nuts and knocked the ZJ guys out of the finals it was time to head to downtown LA to try catching the finals of Street League. We heard that the fire department had shut the doors and were not letting anyone else in, but that didn't stop us from trying. After walking past security with my camera in hand and wristband still intact from the last contest I was able to get a pretty decent angle yesterday in the photo pit for the Street League 2014 finals. Nyjah took home the trophy...again. Anyways, here are the highlights:

 photo Luan.gif
Luan Olivera - Nollie Noseslide Nollie Varial Flip out

 photo output_FNU5t5.gif
Ryan Decenzo - Kickflip Back Noseblunt

 photo Torey1.gif
Torey Pudwill - Back Smith to Back Tail

 photo Torey2.gif
Torey Pudwill - Backside Tailslide Backside Flip out

 photo output_fWxsH2.gif
Nyjah Huston - Back Overcrook

 photo output_2hh9ec.gif
Nyjah Huston - Backside Bigflip

 photo output_7wYdKq.gif
Nyjah Huston - Kickflip Frontside Nosegrind

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