Monday, July 28, 2014

U.S. Open: Shop Battle Van Doren Invitational

Almost another full year since a post... What can I say? Life has gotten in the way.

Yesterday got me sparked to dust off the old Canon 7D and snap a few stills and sequences...
I successfully witnessed two separate skate contests in two different cities in one day.

At around 11:30am Squirrel, Keiichi and I drove out to Huntington Beach's US Open of Surfing to watch the ZJ Skate Team compete in the Van Doren Invitational Shop Battle. Lots of fun to see the crew ripping this amazing bowl apart!

 photo IMG_0104.jpg
ZJ Skate Team Competitors: Evan Wasser, Evan Berle, and Alec Beck

 photo IMG_0154.jpg
Evan Wasser - Gap to Lipslide

 photo IMG_0133.jpg
Alec Beck- Back Noseblunt

 photo IMG_0118.jpg
Evan Berle - Frontside Indy

 photo EvanBerle.jpg
Evan Berle - Gap to Tailslide Revert

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