Sunday, April 19, 2009

Manuals, Groms, and Blunt Tre-Bombs

Sorry to all of the loyal Broahtography has been a long while since the last post. But don't worry...cuz this on was worth the wait...

Let's start it off at Rogers Park in Inglewood with DTM and the Groms.

Olan - Front Crook

DTM gave a skateboard to this kid...we can't remember his name..

Kickflip Back Suski

DTM- Lipslide

DTM- Noseblunt

Now let's move on to the sand gaps where Alec got creative with this obstacle...
(Photo credit: Kerri B.)

Alec- Wallie Back 180

Our local manny pad...

DTM- Manual Back 180

Dan and I went to the Lincoln Ramp with Julian... who got his first clip ever!

Julian White - Back 5-0 stall

Broah- Front Blunt stall

Made a trip to the new Santa Clarita park...pretty epic, but insanely crowded
..that didn't stop Mr. Beck

Alec- Blunt Tre Flip out

...last but not least, DTM and I just went up the street to Rite Aid and got some friend footy...check out the sick Fisheye angles!

DTM - Ollie Blaster

Broah- Kickflip Manual

---stay tuned ya'll I guaruntee a May post...seriously- I promise!

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