Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last Post of 2009!

So here we go folks... this is officially the last post of the decade!

The old trusty Nikon D2H is back in action - fully refurbished and snapping away!
I saved some bangers for this one and had a very productive day yesterday to make it a legit post. Get ready for a good one ya'll- see everyone in 2010!

This one was from back in March and never made it onto the site.

Evan Boardsliding a 17 the day before he turned 18!

So this one was shot seconds before my camera bit the dust... like September maybe?

J. Cefai - Sw. Heel Nose Manny FS Half Cab out

Austin- Smith @ his very own PCH skate park!

You may recognize this shot from the Alec Beck interview in PowerEdge Mag!

Alec- Wallride to Frontboard

So here is what went down yesterday...

J. Cefai- Crooks Up the rail pop out to regs

Tyler- Lipslide to Noseblunt

J. Cefai- Backside flip to switch manual 180 out

Moments after this trick went down we were thrown in the back of cop cars and got our licenses checked to see if there were warrants out for any of us...

Nice way to end off the year! Happy New Year - See ya in 2010!

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